DIY Makeup Instructions

I saw this on Pinterest. Easy to do, and scary enough for anyone! Make the patch from #LL-1 Liquid Latex by layering. Wait till dry, add another layer until you feel it is thick enough. Your crying face looks exactly how your face looks when your mascara runs. Spritz face with eyes closed after applying mascara. The eye has also been darkened with a grey makeup. Use #P-15 Cadaver Grey. Now glue the patch onto the eye. Cover the edges with your Liquid Latex. Let dry. Now you need some red to cover the latex and surround the eye. I would use #CK-5 Burn & Blister Wheel. Set the makeup with Neutral Setting Powder #MP-2 and a Powder Puff #VP-1. Now for my fav part! The blood! You want #TB-0 Thick Blood on the patch and #DSB-3 Dark Blood for the run. Now you are nice and gross!

Eye Missing Makeup

This one is so easy to do! Just some black CL-29, and CL-3 green color liners. A little white CL-1 would be good for some eye eyelights. And some Neutral Setting Powder MP-2 with a Velour Powder Puff VP-1 to set everything into place. Use brush DB-12 or another wide brush to brush the black color liner onto the eyebrow and bring it over your lid and down. Use a small brush like DB-8 to paint the kitty head. Leave room for the eyes. Powder with the Neutral Setting Powder. With a small brush like FDB-9 paint the eyes with the green color liner. If you wish to highlight with white, then do not paint the eyes a solid green. Powder. Add white highlight and powder again. The yarn string is glued on with SG-1 Spirit Gum Adhesive. Remove the adhesive with GR-1 Remover.

Kitty eye Makeup

Sad and creepy makeup job. First put on your Bald Cap per instructions below or go to our DIY page: First you need to cover the latex Bald Cap with #KS-0 Caster Sealer. Apply with a cotton ball over all of the latex. Now with a #LL-1 Latex Sponge and #FP-107 Professional size Black creme foundation, spread the black onto the bald cap. Pat out to remove any lines. You will need a #FB-3 Flat Brush for the pointed edges. Set all of the black with #TP-5 Neutral Setting Powder and a #VP-1 Velour Powder Puff. Make sure the edges are set really well. Next with your Flat Brush and #PC-1 White, apply next to the black point lines. Then using the Latex Sponge, lightly apply to the rest of the face. Go a little darker on the bridge of the nose. Powder with your Neutral Set. Apply a little pink rouge. Set. With your Black foundation, apply with your brush the eyebrows. And using the latex sponge, do the eyelids and under the eyes. Set. Apply some of your pink rouge to the eyelids. Set. Now for the tricky part! Shadowing is extremely important with these tears. Using #CL-1 White and #DB-8 Dome Brush, create your tear line and tears. Use #CL-26 Grey and your Black foundation for the shadowing. Set only when happy with the results. For the neck, do the pointed lines the same as you did with the top of your forehead. Set. The next part would be the pleated collar. Use your grey color liner, latex sponge and your Flat Brush to create. Then shadow with your black. Set. Add a little white for shadowing the top edges of the collar. Before we do the green, I would find a piece of black lace to glue with #SG-1 Spirit Gum. Then I would use #CL-31 Army Green with your Latex Sponge. Pat it out, shadow it, set it. Time to do the black bow with your black foundation and Flat Brush. Set. Now do the tears like you did the ones on your face. Set everything really well. Add eyelashes and you are done!

Creep Girl Makeup

I have been waiting to do this one for a while!! Yay! Big Eyes! Here is what you need: Color Liners in #CL-1 White, #CL-20 Turquoise, #CL-4 Bright Pink. #EL-1 Black Eye Liner. Use the Black Eye Liner to draw the eye outline. Go light first to make sure you are happy with the placement. Once you are happy with it, draw your lines darker. Now with a #FB-10 Flat Brush color your Turquoise in. Set the Turquoise with #MP-2 Neutral Setting Powder using a #VP-1 Powder Puff. Next do the whites of the eyes with your Flat Brush. Set. Lightly put your Bright Pink Color Liner above the eye and paint your lips. Set. Using the Liquid Eye Liner, do the eye brows and any spots in the eye that needs filled in. Set. Paint a white reflection circle with your brush in the eye and the fangs on the mouth. Set. Nicely done!

Big Eyes Makeup

Have you decided that "dead" is the look that you want for Halloween? But want to look pretty too? Here is a simple "dead look" without too much fuss. For the base use #PC-1 White (this is not a clown white) and a #LF-1 Latex Sponge. Lightly apply the white, then pat out to remove any lines. For the eyes: #ES-99 Black Eyeshadow. Apply with depth. Some lighter areas and darker areas. And now the Black Eyeliner #EL-1. Of course #LS-17 Black Lipstick with #LGS-10 Nude Lip Gloss over the top. Then some really long lashes for upper and lower. White cheesecloth finishes off the look.

Pretty Dead Makeup

Want something different this Halloween to catch some well deserved attention? Zipper your face!! First off you need a metal zipper. You can leave the fabric on or cut/tear it off. Then open it to the point where you will add the color. Glue on with #AD-1 Prosthetic Adhesive (use #BR-0 Bond Off to remove). #LU Lumiere Grande Colour's are nice and bright, so they will work perfectly. Apply dry or for extra color apply with dampened sponge. Now for the colors: LU-10 Jade, LU-155 Cherry Red, LU-6 Sun Yellow, LU-12 Cosmic Blue and LU-13 Royal Purple. Blend as you go. When satisfied with your art, use #FY-1 Final Seal to set. Close your eyes!!

Dramatic Halloween Makeup

Looking for dramatic eye makeup? Here you go! Those feathers can be glued on with #SG-1 Spirit Gum. Do your eye makeup first, then add feathers. Plus shiny black Lipstick #LS-17! With some Lip Gloss #LG-01. You vamp! What a dramatic look!

Dramatic Eye Makeup

The last Sugar Skull makeup DIY until Halloween! I love the colors in this one! If you are going to be a skull, I want to be a pretty one. Using a dampened #LF-1 Latex sponge apply #PC-1 White Cake to the face. Leave around the eyes, nose and tip of the chin open. Pat it out to eliminate lines. Powder with #MP-2 Neutral setting powder using a #VP-1 Velour Powder Puff. For the eyes and tip of the chin, use #LU_16 Lumiere Grande Colour and #FB-12 Flat Brush. Powder again. Now for the blue around the eyes, use #FDB-9 Fine Detail Brush and #LU-12 Cosmic Blue Lumiere Grande Colour. Powder. For the green leaves, use #LU-10 Jade Lumiere Grande Colour and the Fine Detail Brush. Powder. Now for the black. The Flat Brush and #PC-23 Black will be good for the nose. Powder. Now for all of the black outlines, spider webs, and mouth - use your black and the Fine Detail Brush. Powder everything again. Now you just need your Hydrangea!

Pretty Sugar Skull Makeup

Is there ever enough Sugar Skull makeup??? IDK, but here is another! For this one use #PC-1 White for the base with a dampened #LF-1 Latex Sponge. Spread on half of the face, pat out streaks. Powder with #MP-2 Neutral Setting Powder and a #VP-1 Velour Powder Puff. Next with a dampened #FB-12 Flat Brush apply the #PC-23 Black for the eye and nose. Powder. Before adding the details on the black, add the black rouge. Using your finger apply the #PC-23 lightly under your cheek bone. Powder. Now for all of the black detail use #FDB-9 Fine Detail Brush to make the curves around the eyes, spider web, cheek swirl, tear drops, dots, chin flower and lip stitches. Powder. Apply with your Detail Brush the #PC-2 Porcelain into the web and chin flowers. Powder. Apply a small amount of the #PC-23 as a liner around your non-decorated lip. Then using #LS-8 Cranberry lipstick and #LGS-01 Neutral Gloss for that wicked shine, apply!

Sugar Skull Makeup

A type of Sugar Skull makeup but without so many colors. This is a good one to practice with! Start with a pale white base using #PC-1 White (this is not a clown white), a #LF-1 Latex Sponge, #MP-2 Neutral Setting Powder and #VP-1 Velour Powder Puff. Make sure you pat out your white makeup before setting it. For the Blue tint use #PC-82 Blue Spirit. After setting the white face foundation, put the Blue Spirit over the top using the Latex Sponge. Set with the Neutral Setting Powder. My favorite brushes for Sugar Skull makeup is #FB-12 Flat Brush for the large areas and #FDB-9 Fine Detail Brush. For the black,use #CL-29 Color Liner. Powder. The fill in colors use Eye Shadows #ES-98 Graphite and #ES-78 Brownberry. Powder all makeup.

Skull Makeup

It's never too early for Halloween makeup. I love this half skull. You can still look beautiful but scary too! A foundation would be nice but not necessary. I would choose #PC-8 Blithe Spirit and put it on very lightly with a #LF-1 Latex Sponge. Set with #MP-2 Neutral Set Powder and #VP-1 Powder Puff. 2 brushes are required for this makeup. A #FB-10 Flat Brush for the large areas of the nose and eye. And #RS-2 Fine Point for the stitches and filigree. #CL-29 Black Creme liner would be the perfect black. Then set the whole thing with the Neutral Setting Powder.

Skull Makeup

Ready for some New Year's Eve makeup??? Of course you are! Ok, here you go! First you need the LU Metallic shades by Ben Nye makeup. Colors for this makeup are #LU-3 Aztec Gold, #LU-6 Sun Yellow, #LU- Mermaid Green, #LU-12 Cosmic Blue and #LU-5 Bronze. Apply with Applicator Foam Wands #FB-11. When finished powder over with #LX-2 Iced Gold using a Velour Powder Puff #VP-1.

New Year's Eve Makeup

Ready for some Sugar Skull makeup? This one will take some artistic ability to draw. For the foundation use #PC-1 Pancake white. Apply with a damp #HS-3 Hydra Sponge. Powder with #TP-7 Super White on a #VP-1 Velour Powder puff. Now you need a #FDB-9 Fine Detail Brush for applying all of the details. Here is a list of the Color Liner colors used in this makeup. CL-191 Cosmic Blue, CL-13 Fire Red, CL-16 Vivid Violet, CL-29 Black, CL-61 Desert Tan, CL 4 Bright Pink, and CL-2 Forest Green. You don't have to use the specific colors used here. Must use #TP-5 Neutral Setting Powder to set EACH color! Use your CL-29 Black Color and #FB-12 Flat Brush for around the eyes and nose. Set with Neutral Setting Powder. Actually do this step before all of the detail work. As your final step, lightly spray with #FY-0 Final Seal. Close your eyes before spraying.

Sugar Skull Makeup for Halloween

Let's do wounds today with appliances. Glass Attack and Metal Attack comes in a package. You glue one of the edges on with Spirit Gum #SG-1. Let it dry for a few minutes. Then it's time to decorate it!! Using a Stipple Sponge #NS-1 pat #FX-33 Blood Red for the splatters. For the lines that make the slashes use Fine Detail Brush #FDB-9 and #FX-35 Dark Crimson. And for the last detail, use the stipple sponge and dap #TB-0 Thick Blood for the bloody details. Thick Blood is one are fav bloods!

Wound Makeup for Halloween or Trauma Simulation Training

So many fun eye makeup ideas! Most all of them would be beautiful with the Lumiere Grande Colours. Don't forget to set them with #MP-2 Neutral Setting Powder.

Fantasy Eye Makeup

Fun Fantasy makeup! Easy! Use Lumiere Luxe Powder for these colors and shimmer. We love the Luxe Powders!! Use LX-19 Peacock, LX-6 Indian Copper and LX-2 Iced Gold for the upper shade under the eyebrow. Foam Applicators #FB-11 would make this easy to apply. Now glue rhinestones on with Spirit Gum SG-1 and use Spirit Gum Remover GR-1 to remove glue afterwards.

Fantasy Eye Makeup

Skull Makeup similar to a Sugar Skull. It may not be Halloween, but it's really cool anyway! The following makeup products can be used to create this skull. #P-1 White is not a thick white, so very good for skulls. Apply with a #LF-1 Latex Sponge. Make sure you pat it out after applying. Set the P-1 with #MP-2 Neutral Setting Powder. Apply with a #VP-1 Powder Puff. For the eyesockets, chin and nose use #CL-29 Black and a #FB7 Flat Brush. Set with the Neutral Set Powder. For the lip lines and spider web use the CL-29 and #AB-4 Angle Brush. Set. Using #CL-13 Fire Red and the Flat Brush outline the eyesockets, make the curly q's and shadow line in the web. Set again. Lightly spray #FY-0 Final Seal to set the whole makeup. Close your eyes when you spray!

Skull Makeup

For this makeup you need really bright Hot Pink! So we searched and found that LS-64 Candy Pink lipstick is bright enough. Use for lips and eyelids. For the eye crease use LCR-13 Royal Purple in the shimmer Lumiere Cremes. Make sure you use Neutral Setting Powder to set your makeup. Then add your long fake eyelashes like our #E-316.
Bright Hot Pink Makeup DIY for Ben Nye

Click picture to enlargen.

Old Age makeup for men

Old Man Makeup by Mehron

Old Age hair ideas

#MardiGras This makeup is bright, wild and crazy! Rio de Janeiro here we come! For the bright colors I would use Ben Nye's MagiCake Aqua Paints in these shades: CF-108 Lime Green, CF-15 Passion Pink, CF-Bright Orange, CF-81 Tahitian Blue, CF-1 White, and CF-3 Licorice Black. With a Flat Brush, dip in water and paint on the colors leaving the circles open that will be white. Fade to each color. Make sure your brush is clean before proceeding to the next color. Ben Nye's Brush Cleaner is awesome! Set your makeup with Neutral Set Colorless powder with a Velour Powder Puff. Now you can paint your circles with white or black (black will go over your colors). Paint the black for the eyeliner. And for eyelashes use our E316. For the big lashes, I have no idea what to use! Add a feather headdress or something wild!
Bright Fantasy Makeup DIY for Ben Nye

Beautiful eye makeup. Just two Eye Shadow colors. #ES Shadows. ES-84 Bahama Blue and ES-82 Royal Purple.
Fun Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Soft subtle Valentine's Day makeup. For these shades of pink use #DR-162 Pink Bliss and #DR-16 Coral Pink. These are powdered rouges, which will work just fine. Don't forget your black eyeliner in either Liquid #LE-1 or Cake #EL-1.
Valentine Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

This makeup would be fun for New Year's Eve! For the eyes, use #LU Lumiere Grande Colour in #LU-11 Turquoise and #LU-19 Peacock. Apply with Applicator #FB-11. Black Liquid Eye Liner #LE-0 to accent the eyes on the upper lid and under lid. Fake eyelashes #E316 would be best for this look. Eye Brows in the black sparkle would be #MD-11 Black Diamond mixed with #AGB Liquid Glue. I would use a paint brush for that. #DB-8 looks perfect. Now for gluing the black beads, round and long. Use Spirit Gum #SG-1 and Spirit Gum Remover #GR-1 to adhere them to your face. Pink Tart Lipstick #LS-52 with Lip Gloss #LGS-15 Bubblegum. There you go!
Fantasy Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

This makeup job is spectacular in it's vibrant color shades. I would use Ben Nye's Lumiere Luxe Powders for this job. Due to the texture of the Lumiere powders, it will feel like you have no makeup on at all. The colors to use for this would be LX-12 Cosmic Blue, LX-13 Royal Purple, LX-14 Amethyst. Brush on with a large flat brush #FB and then lightly spray the final result with FY-1 Final Seal. Keep your eyes closed, but not squinted.
Bright fantasy Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

This looks simple but is complicated. First let's do the female side. Shaving your eyebrow would be the easiest. But if you want to just cover it up, use Nose & Scar Wax #NW-1. This product is very sticky! Use #ST-1 to spread onto your existing eyebrow after applying some lotion to the area. Powder with Neutral Set Powder #MP-2. For the eyeshadows use Lumiere Grande Colours #LU-13 Royal Purple and #LU-1 Ice. Dry Rouge use #DR-6 Misty Pink. For the mustache area we have 2 choices. The best is you already have a mustache or beard and are willing to shave off half of it. The other is you apply Wool Fiber Hair #CB29 using Spirit Gum #SG-1 to adhere to the face. (Always buy the Remover #GR-1) Lipstick color is #LS-6 Plum Pink. For the eyebrow and beauty marks use Eye Brow Pencil #EP-9 Dark Brown. Final touch is the wig. You need a men's wig #CW509 and a long women's wig #218-30. Add earring and bling ring.
Drag Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Feather eyes! Use Lumiere Grande Colour #LU-19 Peacock for the eye lid. Then use 2 sets of blue feather lashes #E316 and one set of black. Glue the black set on your eyelid above the line where your eyelid opens fully. Then glue a set of blue above the black and the other set to under your lower eyelashes. Nice Fantasy eyes!
Feather Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Party Skeleton Makeup. For this makeup job, you will need Color Liner's in the following shades. #CL-16 Violet, #CL-18 Purple, #CL-211 Kelly Green, #CL-6 Goldenrod, #CL-29 Black and #CL-15 Maroon. Start with your #CL-16 Violet. Using a Latex Foam Sponge #LF-1, apply a light shading above your lips and up to the eye sockets. Next using #CL-18 Purple, make vertical stitch lip lines. Like the ones you see next to the black lip lines. Lightly dust your face with Neutral Setting Powder #MP-2 and a #VP-1 Velour Powder Puff to set the color. Next paint teeth using Dome Brush #DB-8 and the #CL-6 Goldenrod. Paint your nose and chin with #CL-211 Kelly Green. Powder again. Now the #CL-29 Black. Use the Foam Sponge to do the eyes and the brush to paint the stitch lines, spider web lines, and the decorate cheek lines. A #FDB Fine Detail Brush will work well for the outlines. Powder. With the brush use #CL-15 Maroon for the spider web shadow lines. Add dots to the cheeks. Powder the whole face and you are done.
Mardi Gras Skeleton Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

This is a fun "Death by Glamour" makeup idea. For the face base color use #PC-1 Cake makeup White with a Latex Sponge #LF. Make a light covering on your face. Pat any streaks out. Set makeup with #MP-2 Neutral Set Powder and powder puff #VP. For the eyes and eyebrows: Use #ES-99 Black Pressed Eyeshadow with a Fine Detail Brush #FDB-3 or 6. Brush on. For the edges of the black around the eyes, use #ES-57 Twilight Sable Pressed Eyeshadow. Just a touch! Blend lightly. Now use the Twilight Sable as a rouge for the cheeks. You can use a Blush Brush #RB or use your #FDB brush. Powder. For the lips use #LS-17 Black Lustrous Lipstick. Powder and re-apply lipstick. Since "The Great Gatsby" is so popular this year, this could be twist on dead glamour Zombie!
Glamour Zombie Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Ok, let's do this with Ben Nye Makeup. Use Lumiere Tangerine LU7 and Golden Apricot LU18. Set with Final Seal.
Autumn Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

With the paleness of the colors involved we are going to do a makeup wash using alcohol. Using F/X-3 Burnt Coral for the pink burnt part, sponge on using a latex sponge. I think FDB-3 brush which is a Tapered Point will work great for the detail black and the wash effect. To wash your Burnt Coral, brush a few drops of alcohol onto the color. F/X-8 Black stackable pot will be great for your black detail. When your black is done, wash it the same as you did the Burnt Coral. Powder with Neutral Setting Powder using a #VP Powder puff. And for the final set, use Final Seal Spray. There you go! Original makeup is Art, MUA: Juan Lopez using TEN IMAGE PROFESSIONAL COSMETICS
Makeup by artist Juan Lopez.
Burn Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

This is going to take some artistic ability!! For the red, use #F/X-33 Blood Red with a latex sponge #LF-1. For the darker red areas use #F/X-2 Bruise with a stipple sponge #FNS-1. Using the latex sponge put in the White #F/X-0 and the yellow shading with #CL-61 Desert Tan. For the black detailing, use FDB-2 Fine Detail to brush in the teeth lines, cracks and edge of wound details. Powder with Neutral Set Powder #MP-2 to set the makeup and a Final Seal spray #FY. I think that covers it. Have fun!
Dead Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

What beautiful Makeup!! Use Lumiere Grande Colour makeup in Royal Purple LU13 for the upper lid, covered with Peacock Blue LU19. Then fade to Mermaid Green LU9 on the lid. Under the eye, use Jade LU10 with some Starry Night LU20. Set with Neutral Set Powder. Add blue mascara. Voila!!!
Mardi Gras Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Start with ES-98 Graphite pressed eyeshadow for the base. Set with Neutral Set Powder #MP-2. Add by brush ES-99 Black. Set again with the powder. Lips use LS-14 True Red.
Evil Diva Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Lumiere color #LU by Ben Nye. Use Peacock on lid, fade to Cosmic Blue, Royal Purple, Ice. Use Turquoise at the corner of the eye. Black #CL29 Color Liner for the dots and lashes. Set with Final Seal Spray.
Beautiful Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

For this you need #CL29 black, #CL1 white, #CL13 Fire Red, Neutral Set Powder #MP-2 and a detail brush. Draw your black designs and set with Neutral Set Powder. For the lips, paint with the CL13, leaving little white spaces. Powder the red, then add the white. Powder again. Use Spirit Gum to glue the rhinestones on. Add feather eyelashes with rhinestones. Voila!
Fun Eye Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Ready for the Zombie Invasion? Here we go: Use P-18 Death Straw Foundation with a LF Latex Sponge. Spread on and then pat out the streaks. On the nose use LL Liquid Latex. Spread onto the nose and let dry. While that is drying, use #ZW Zombie Wheel's CL-25 Steel Grey and stipple sponge (#NS) onto the dark shades. Then add the FX-7 Midnight Violet to the lighter grey area. Then stipple the FX-32 Dried Blood shade from the #ZW wheel onto the red shades along with #FX-11 Sallow Green. Next stipple the #FX-2 Bruise onto the lighter red areas. Lightly blend with the stipple sponge. By now the latex on the nose should be dry. Using your fingernails, split and pull the latex apart. Now using a Flat Brush, brush #FX-33 into the split area. (This color is not in the #ZW Zombie Wheel). Stipple some of the #FX-6 Golden Rod from the Zombie Wheel onto areas that you would like to look bruised. Blend your colors slightly, using the stipple sponge. Using a #VP Powder puff, powder #AP Ash Powder onto the whole face. Now using the #AD Prosthetic Adhesive per instructions, add your Worm Appliances (see video). Add #TB Thick Blood onto the split in the nose area. In areas of your choice add #DSB Dark Stage Blood onto the face. Let drip. Spray #FY Final Seal onto the whole face lightly to set the makeup design. Now add #TC-4 Tooth Decay onto dry teeth.
Zombie Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Cracked Egg Makeup: Use Lumiere Grande Colour. Apply with a #LF-1 Latex Sponge. When using highly pigmented makeup, just dab a bit onto the sponge. Don't glob! Wipe on, pat when done to even out as you do each color. #LU-155 Cherry Red, blend to #LU-15 Persimmon, fade to #LU-6 Sun Yellow. Eyes, use #LU-6 Sun Yellow, blend to #LU-8 Chartreuse Green, then #LU-12 Cosmic Blue. Set with Neutral Set #TP-5. #PC-1 Pancake White, dampen a latex sponge and spread on. Pat lines out. Powder with #TP-7 Super White. For the cracks, outline the face shell, eyebrows and on the eyes using #EL-1 Black liner by dampening your brush. Final Spray Seal with #FY-8. Use #HW-3 Hair White.
Cracked Egg Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Moulage or Emergency Simulation Training. I guess this was a "large falling debris" in the form of a bolt in the forehead. Use Cinema Secrets #W0002. Attach bolt appliance using Spirit Gum #SG. Put the Spirit Gum onto your skin, not the appliance. Wait 1 minute and press appliance onto the skin. Use Bruise Wheel #CK-1 and a stipple sponge #NS. The first two shades to use are your darker colors #FX-7 and #FX-5. Stipple dab each of these colors toward the center area of your wound, creating the worst area of bruising. Then using the lighter (less bruised) colors of #FX-11 and #CL-18. Lightly blend all of these colors. Apply #DSB dark blood to the wound and you are done.
Moulage Wound Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Female Old Age Instructions - Caucasian #oldagelady Steps 1-9 by Mehron Makeup. Makeup artist Joe Rossi. Nice detailed instructions for Old Age Makeup!

Old Age Female Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Old Age Female Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Old Age Female Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Old Age Female Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Old Age Female Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Old Age Female Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Old Age Female Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

Old Age Female Makeup DIY by Ben Nye

More Makeup instructions!

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