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Renaissance Festivals
Get updated information about Renaissance festivals all over the U.S. Find Renaissance festival clothing, costumes, medieval clothing, pirate shirts and choose Arizona Renaissance Festival, Texas Renaissance Festival, faires

Medieval Weapons
Online store offering decorative medieval weapons, armor, chain mail, swords, crossbows and helmets.
Direct home delivery.

Sapphire & Sage - Renaissance Jewelry and Accessories
Hand-created Medieval and Renaissance Era reproductions for weddings, handfastings, re-enactments and
faires- specializing in period-inspired jewelry design, including girdle belts, necklaces, bodice jewelry, brooches, circlets, collars, rings, period rosaries/paternosters, beaded trim, loose pearls and stones, and more.
Custom orders welcomed.

A Touch of Wearable Whimsy
A touch of wearable whimsy sells unique handcrafted affordable jewelry. All jewelry is made using sterling silver components, gemstones, and swarovski crystal. Styles of jewelry include chandelier earrings, Celtic inspired
jewelry, pagan jewelry, gemstone jewelry, wire jewelry, and the occasional surprise.

Unique Creations
Exquisitely Handcrafted Costume Jewelry & Accessories.

Salamander Armory
Creating the Finest Swords, Daggers and Knives in Carbon Steel and Pattern-Welding (Damascus)

The Labyrinth of Jareth
A night of fantasy in the dreaming realms of Faerie and beyond the royal court of the Goblin King.

Renaissance Jewelry & Medieval Jewelry by Dorothea
For your costuming needs, my handcrafted jewelry incorporates vintage & contemporary components into beautiful Renaissance, Medieval and Elizabethan designs inspired by jewelry found in portraits between 1000--1600 AD.

SCA Renaissance Music and Dance Page
A selection of Renaissance music and dance.

Halloween Costumes
Halloween Costumes for Adults, Child and Plus Size. Ship from Oreogn directly to your home or office.
Choose Sales or Rentals of over 5000 costumes.

Guild of St. George
The Guild of St. George- The "original" Queen's guild of Renaissance Pleasure Faire till 2001.  Member of St. George's until I meet the Fool of Lady & the Fool.

Southern California Info and Shopping
Southern California Directory of business'.

Renaissance Model
Choose from a large selection of best online sources of costume patterns for everything from Tudor and
Elizabethan gowns to corsets and tunics.

Kilts-n-stuff carries a complete line of kilts and tartans from ancient to modern. Browse our large selection at today!

Los Angeles Business List

Gothic Clothing
Find huge collection of Gothic Clothing, Pirate Shirt, Gothic corset, Gothic Shirt, Skirts, Goth clothing, Costumes, Dresses, Blouse, Coat, Pant, Medieval Costumes in the various design and colors available on TheGothCode.


Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival
Dallas/Ft. Worth, near Waxahachie, Texas

Renaissance Entertainment Corporation
Southern California, Bristol Chicago/Milwaukee Area, New York NYC Area 

Crossroads Renaissance European Faire, California
May to June, Corona, Calif. A German European Renaissance Faire. Permanent buildings and lots of character. Not as commercial as some faires. 

Moscow Renaissance Fair
Moscow, Idaho

Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire

Colorado Renaissance Faire

Sterling Renaissance Festival.

Faerieworlds Festival

Home of Faerieworlds Festival in Eugene Oregon.  The site looks absolutely gorgeous! 

Big Bear City Renaissance Faire
The Enchanted Site.

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
August through October

Maryland Renaissance Festival

King Richard's Faire
September thru October  - Including Labor Day and Columbus Day Mondays, Carver, MA.

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire
Corvallis, Oregon  

Connecticut Renaissance Faire

The Texas Renaissance Festival
Eight weekends

Camelot Days
South Florida, TY Park Ft. Lauderdale

Alabama Shakespeare Festival
 Check schedule. About 4 Plays a year.

Castle of Muskogee
Grand Valley Renaissance Faire
Grand Junction, Colorado

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