Makeup Spatula in Stainless


Ben Nye makes 3 metal spatulas in different angled shapes.
#ST-1, ST-4 and ST-5. These are really good for
working with nose & scar wax.
Nose & Scar Wax is used to form change nose shapes,
move your eye placement, change chin, cheeks, etc.
But it is very sticky so your fingers end up
messing up your shape. By using
the spatula to form, and smooth the scar wax,
it provides for easy application.
ST-1 SPATULA SINGLE BLADE 7" works well for mixing makeup on a palette
or apply Nose & Scar Wax, Thick Blood or Gel Effects to skin.

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  • Model: ST-1
  • Manufactured by: Ben Nye Makeup

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