F/X Special Effects Makeup #CK

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FX Creme Colors Wheels by Ben Nye makeup.
These makeup wheels are one of our favs! Making wounds and burns is so easy and so fun!
When people see it, they ask if they need to call an ambulance for you.
The way to use these wheels is with a stipple sponge. A stipple sponge is a very porous sponge and gives an uneven color.
The colors in these wheels are the colors found when you have a burn, wound, severe exposure, abrasion, blister or need camouflage.
By lightly dipping the stipple sponge into each color and gently dabbing onto the skin, you get a variegated effect.
Then lightly smear the colors together. Use Neutral Set Powder to set or final seal spray. One of the many wheels you use to do trauma, and emergency moulage makeup for disaster training. CK Wheels.

Bruise Wheel #CK-1 includes: Sallow Green, Purple, Midnite Violet, Dark Burgundy
Bruise & Abrasions Wheel #CK-4 includes: Goldenrod, Misty Violet, Fresh Cut, Maroon
Cuts & Bruises Wheel #CK-3 includes: Sapphire, Forest Green, Yellow, Blood Red
Burns & Blisters Wheel #CK-5 includes: Fire Red, Medium Plum, Charcoal Blue, Burnt Coral
Age Stipple Wheel #CK-7 includes: Liver Spot, Capillary Stipple, Age Spot, Freckle Stipple
Severe Exposure Wheel #CK-9 includes: Dusty Rose, Dark Sunburn, Capillary Stipple, Fire Red
Old Character Wheel #CK-11 includes: Character Shadow, Ultralite Highlight, Capillary Stipple, Misty Violet
Old Character Wheel #CK-13 includes: Light Brown Highlight, Misty Violet, Midnite Brown, Maroon
Camouflage Wheel #CK-15 includes: Desert Tan, Army Green, Cinnamon, Coal.
Age Effects Wheel #CK-8 (new!) includes: FX-13 Capillary Stipple, FX-15 Liver Spot, FX-9 Grey Purple,FX-91 Vein.
You also can choose other makeup wheel in twice the size in the Pro Wheels! Expect 50-300 designs per .5oz/14gm. Wheel

Please Choose:

CK-1 Bruises

CK-3 Cuts & Bruises

CK-4 Bruise & Abrasions

CK-5 Burns & Blisters

CK-7 Age Stipple

CK-8 Age Effects

CK-9 Severe Exposure

CK-11 Old Character

CK-13 Old Character II (for dark skin)

CK-15 Camouflage

EW-1 Bruises - Professional Wheel 1oz.

EW-4 Master Bruise Wheel 6 Colors 1oz.

EW-3 Cuts & Bruises - Professional Wheel 1oz.

EW-41 Bruise & Abrasions - Professional Wheel 1oz.

EW-5 Burns & Blisters - Professional Wheel 1oz.

EW-7 Trauma Simulation 3 Colors 1oz.

EW-9 Bald Cap Stipple 4 Colors 1oz.

KW Camouflage Wheel - Professional Wheel 1oz.

RB Red White & Black 3 Colors 1oz.

RW Rainbow Wheel 6 Colors 1oz.

DW Death Wheel 6 Colors 1oz.

MW Monster Wheel 6 Colors 1oz.

ZW Zombie Wheel

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  • Model: CK
  • Manufactured by: Ben Nye Makeup

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