Appliances, Wounds

Glue-on skin wounds, body and animal parts. We carry Woochie wounds and appliances. Great for wound moulage training. Trauma Simulation. Casualty Simulation supplies! You can have your neck slashed, wrists slashed, bolts screwed into you, back lashes, riddled with bullet holes, broken bones, compound fractures, giant gashes, stitches, burns, gouges, and razor slices. Add makeup to blend and some blood! Ugh!! It's so great, they will want to take you to emergency! Add a third eye to your forehead, or pop one out for your best friend.

Monthly Specials For August

Back Lash Wound
$8.99  $3.15
Save: 65% off
Peeper Eyes
$8.99  $4.99
Save: 44% off
Slashed Wrist Appliance
$10.49  $3.50
Save: 67% off
Compound Fracture Wound
$10.99  $7.99
Save: 27% off
Werewolf Nose Prosthetic
$21.49  $10.00
Save: 53% off
Metal Attack Wound
$8.49  $3.50
Save: 59% off
Slit Throat Appliance
$8.99  $4.50
Save: 50% off
Cat Face Appliance
$8.99  $4.00
Save: 56% off
Pig Nose - Small Appliance
$9.99  $5.00
Save: 50% off
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