Adult costume department. A complete year-around stock of Halloween Costumes, Santa Claus Costumes, Renaissance Costumes, Easter Bunnies and Mascots. Adults sizes x-small to plus size. Over 5,000 complete Rentals. From Sexy Halloween to Historical Costumes. All time periods! Whatever your choice, we can provide you with the costume of your dreams. Try us, give us a call (310)217-0456

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Monthly Specials For November

Renaissance Wedding Costume
$54.99  $22.00
Save: 60% off
Renaissance Faire Breeches
$38.00  $28.50
Save: 25% off
Uhura Red Dress Costume - Star Trek Costume
$74.49  $27.50
Save: 63% off
Victorian Raven Costume
$53.99  $20.00
Save: 63% off
White Beard - Santa Beard - Wizard
$13.99  $5.50
Save: 61% off
Goth Lace Vampire Costume
$41.49  $13.49
Save: 67% off
Arabian style Pants & Skirt, Size Medium
$20.00  $15.00
Save: 25% off
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